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Pension Release:


Current difficult financial times have forced many of us to seek for alternative ways of raising money. The cost of living has become very high and as a result, the number of borrowers seeking for loans has increased. If you unsuccessfully try to obtain a loan, you can consider opting for a Pension Release to source for money either to cater for financial emergencies or use the money for investment purposes. A Pension Release allows you to withdraw cash from your pension scheme before you reach your retirement age.

As one grows older, new investment ideas come up which require a lot of money to jump-start. However, with options such as Pension Release, it is possible for you to withdraw a specified cash amount from your pension plan. One important aspect to note is that you should only go for a Pension Release as the last option. This means that other options of raising money such as borrowing from family and friends or applying for bank loans should be considered before taking the step to withdraw cash from a pension fund.

If you want to live a comfortable retirement life, you should invest as much as possible in a pension fund to obtain the best returns. Opting for our service means you reduce the amount that will be paid out to you when the scheme matures. This is not wise as it reduces your final payout amount. You really can have a friendly conversation with us and lets see how we can help you…


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The best way to benefit from a Pension Release is to get money to finance other key investment projects such as real estate that you feel will give you better returns. Another good way of spending Pension Release money is paying off your mortgage or paying school fees. You should never consider this option if the money you get is going to be used to finance a luxurious lifestyle or buying items that you don’t really need.

Talking to a financial adviser in case you are planning to apply for a Pension Release is a good idea. This is because they can discuss your financial needs with you and advise appropriately. Considering the fact you may want to release it is a special funding option, you need to have adequate information before formally beginning the application procedure. Before you consider applying, you should ask yourself “Do I really need this money?” Withdrawing money from the pension fund has its own consequences. You need to factor this into consideration and consider any other options you can still explore to raise money before making the final decision.

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