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Pension Transfer

Pension Transfer
Transferring a pension is ideal for anyone who has built up a number of pensions and would like to make them easier to manage and control. Pension transfer services can easily help you round up your existing pensions, adding some great benefits to your pension package as well. Anyone that has an existing pension or previous employer scheme is eligible for a pension transfer. If you have any questions about your opportunities concerning pension transfers, consider speaking with an independent financial adviser.

It’s important the clients understand that a transfer is a complicated area of pension and retirement planning, and it may not be suitable for every person or every situation.

Some benefits of transferring your pension include a more manageable amount to pay between your pensions and no charge for transfers in, in most cases. In addition, you may also have the chance to have your exit fees paid for. This can be of great benefit to anyone who is already serviced by a pension provider.

Once you’ve decided a transfer is the way you’d like to move with your pensions, you should contact us right away so that we can assist you. When transferring your pension you have a wide range of investment options, meaning you can speak with one of the financial advisors here, or with your institution in order to customize your pension transfer to your specific situation.

Some things to consider when opting for a pension transfer, is that not every pension is transferable. In addition, some of the costs and fees associated with pension transfers can be a bit expensive. How does the cost of the plans you rare considering compare to the costs of your current plan? Sometimes, transferring your pension is a bad idea because it can cause you to lose out on any benefits you may be earning from your pension. Lastly, there are going to be exit fees from your current pension provider.

Luckily, transfers can be complete in as few as X DAYS (however this could take longer depending on your current provider). Once you begin the process, you should be able to decide where you want your invested money to be transferred too. In most cases, you can even apply securely online in order to complete the transfer application.

In order to begin your transfer, you will have to have an estimated transfer value for your pension, which you can request from your current pension provider, or from a recent pension valuation sheet. You may also need to know the pension scheme name and policy number of your current pension in order to proceed. You will certainly need your National Insurance Number and if you wish to make additional contributions, you will need your bank information as well. You can initiate a pension transfer even if you are already earning income from your pension, but please make sure to call and get sound financial advice before creating any long-term decisions or plans. In addition, if you have any questions about pension transfers or how to go about applying for one, please feel free to contact us at (your website or your email).